The Johnny Mac's Story.

Johnny Mac's Food
See the resemblance? It's Johnny Mac - John MacDonald Sr. sporting a smile at a baseball game with his wife.


Johnny Mac's Food


 Remembering John MacDonald Sr.

Johnny Mac’s started as a tribute to John MacDonald Sr. at Rancho Foods. Rancho Foods is a family-owned and operated meat wholesaler in Los Angeles CA, founded by John Sr. in 1980.

Johnny Mac’s is a reflection of John MacDonald Sr. He was an extraordinary man – a born leader and a man of strength and wisdom. John MacDonald Sr. was an All-American Marine who dedicated his life to family, hard work, culture, and of course good, quality food! When John passed away in 2015, his family wanted to make sure to carry on his legacy. Johnny Mac’s was created in 2016.

Johnny Mac’s represents more than just a brand – it represents fun, family, and togetherness. Sharing special moments together is what’s truly important.

The logo of John Sr. on each product represents who he truly was. He always stood tall in his Hawaiian print shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Born an Irishman, he always wanted to be Italian, just like his wife, so he wore the traditional Italian horn necklace. Raised in Los Angeles, he grew up in a melting pot of cultures and spoke fluent Spanish. He was truly a man of many facets that many admired.

It was his dream to bring people together from all over through the power of food. Now, we are excited to introduce him to you to help this dream come true!